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Why did Donald Trump fire John Bolton? I FT

Why did Donald Trump fire John Bolton? I FT
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FT’s US managing editor Peter Spiegel looks at why Donald Trump decided to fire John Bolton, his national security advisor

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d'joy S says:

Too many firings, not even North koria can match them.

barrie says:

I’m not upset that he’s gone

Fellow Citizen says:

Bolton is an enemy of the American people, and an enemy of democracy.

brain plumber says:

Trump failed in everything he touched.

Bayman Zada says:

Putin wanted that.

Tim Mendoza says:

What it shows is the Deep state can't control him or foreign policy and Americans are thankful for that. We don't want endless wars as previous administration's have wrought upon the world.

John Marlowe says:

Remember when Obama tried to end Afghanistan, but was forced into The Surge"? – 2010 The Generals demanded some 30,000 more troops to finally win and end the.war

mclanaford says:

Glad Bolton is gone. He is a warmonger. Great news

Lion P says:


S Brown says:

In other words Trump is not a War Monger. Which should, if we were dealing with people with functioning brains, be judged a huge Victory from the Left. But of course that is not what you see, instead it's "Trump FIRING Bolton" Trump the BULLY" Trump's 3rd failure" etc etc etc. Well we do know this, the Left is not legitimate on this issue alone. If they truly were progressives they would be 100% behind the President on his Foreign Policy. Give Peace a Chance, for REAL now. Something Barack Obama had no interest in even pursuing. Nobel Peace Prize Phony he was. Tired of looking at the Fake Left which has now grown up in this Republic.

Fat Albert says:

When you take a sober look at the undeniable presence of physical indicators of sabotage at the World Trade Center (WTC-7 did not go down due to fire, for example) John Bolton's role in foreign policy by warfare and coup becomes troubling to say the least. Trump was keeping his enemies even closer than his friends for understandable reasons.

Hlompho Mota says:

Thank God Bolton was fired.

Lasno Haja says:

John Bolton needs a spare time to 'Rebuild New American Reborn 2020'.

myfindhorn2 says:

Because he could !

boblob2003 says:

Who cares why he fired him? The warmonger is gone!

manofsan says:

Neocons are upset that they can't impose their agenda on Trump by stealth

Rosa Frausto says:

My issue with your statements is that there exists a protocol & a team of people who jointly + individually advised the President on each of the subjects you talked about, & after following procal, the President makes a decision. What Bolten did do is represent the President abroad. If NOT PROPERLY REPRESENTED, the PRESIDENT HAS THE RIGHT TO REPLACE HIS REPRESENTATIVE. Are you telling us that, he should have kept Bolton because Bolton did all the work & you want him kept? I guess you were there while the rest of the advisors were silent (did not do their job), & while Bolton did all the advicing??!! Gee, you really think we, the public, feal off the turnip truck!

SafeSpace2018 says:

Bolton never met an invasion he didn't like. Enough already with sacrificing American troops. Bolton's photo appears in the definition of "neocon".

Bombarded w/info says:

Why? Why not?

controllerism xg says:

"How come my boots are not licked today? You're fired !! ".

Skyler Milner says:

Good job reporting on this clip. Neutral outlook. Just reporting!

Don Emigholz Jr. says:

Trump fired Bolton because he needs a Security adviser that will look the other way when Russia becomes aggressive militarily around the world

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