What Is The Legal Remedy For President Donald Trump's Refusal To Cooperate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

What Is The Legal Remedy For President Donald Trump's Refusal To Cooperate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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The White House refused Tuesday to turn over internal documents regarding Ukraine being sought by House Democrats as the Trump administration dug in against their impeachment inquiry. The panel discusses. Aired on 10/9/19.
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What Is The Legal Remedy For President Donald Trump’s Refusal To Cooperate? | Morning Joe | MSNBC



Dawn-Marie Langlois says:

Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and NOT lose any VOTERS. Well this is the time to SHOW Trump that he shot HIMSELF in the foot in the middle of AMERICA killing DEMOCRACY. FOUR! Now 500 MILLIONS TO Trump golf resorts

sharon scherzer says:

should be basically theoretically easy as he is an illegitimate president , not president at all as he committed unacceptable deceit to get the position…..so he is just an ordinary crook, stick him in jail with no bail.but no one will actually act except trump's henchmen. it is hopeless if you do not follow your own laws…..

silvano novalis says:

Send Seal team 6 to the WH to remove those gangsters from office. Impeach and indict!

Drake Koefoed says:

burr is a liar and a fool
watch him lie about the canadian medicare for all system to a doctor who knows the facts and shows him up for the two bit propaganda jerk he is.

slockhrt says:

I would say mild teasing, at best, Mika.

Herb Nichols says:

If you go back and look at what Hillary Clinton, as SOS, said about Putin, you will see his motivation in 2016, to conspire with Trump to defeat her.
And Trump's motivation was money and political power, of course! that's always been his only motivation! Especially now, because his dream of becoming another Barron Hilton, is fading fast.

Don Ghidoni says:

So end the chaos by getting the obvious threat Within.

Thierry Mercadier says:

So the orange buffoon won't cooperate with the inquiry?? It's ok stupid, the Dems have your address !!!!

Mark Osborn says:

The Republicans are at war with the Democrats and we are acting like business as usual. We had better wake up and be prepared to protect and put a stop to their actions!

Virginia Coleman says:

How much more evidence do Americans, the Democrats, Republicans, Senate & Congress need to see that Donald John Trump is totally incompetent to run the USA????
Even other leaders (from Russia, Japan, Korea, China, etc) know he's totally incompetent, so they use it to their advantages, and he ends up looking like a fool to the rest of the world!!!
So, what is the next step for Congress in conjuction with The 45th President???

Marco Polo says:

I guess we are all crazy for wanting to impeach trump..but we are not stupid..on the other hand trump is not crazy….

David Foster says:

So, when exactly DO you plan to call the cops?

Audrey Evans says:

prison. . .

Johnny Mak says:

The remedy is to Re-elect him so he has the time to replace you, as it is you who is uncooperative and detrimental to society. Get rekt.

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