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Trump tweets Bubba Wallace should apologize to NASCAR

Trump tweets Bubba Wallace should apologize to NASCAR
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President Donald Trump bemoaned NASCAR’s recent decision to ban the Confederate flag from all races and events.
“Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!” Trump tweeted.
As the coronavirus pandemic rages across the country, Trump has largely moved on, seeking instead to place focus on his “law and order” message through a series of inflammatory speeches, tweets, and statements defending racist monuments and digging in his opposition to renaming Army bases named for Confederate leaders.
The “Flag decision” in Trump’s tweet appears to link NASCAR’s decision to remove Confederate flag imagery from all races and events with lower ratings. Last month, amid nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers NASCAR banned the flag, a racist symbol.
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timber_beast says:

Serious question. Why is trump so hateful?

Tarbaby says:

tRump is drooping the keys again distract distract distract he wants US to forget the sick numbers

Jamie Thomas says:


Cynthia Blakely says:

How low can he go? He needs to be gone! Trump needs to apologize for the entire country for being a piece of shit! Trying to divide this country! Ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic! Too much to list here Every day he creates a new problem and he is unfit to be a President!

pat c says:

america is the land of opportunity for nascar drivers….the left is so unpatriotic

Angiolo Chiesa says:

TRUMP knows best

Arcus Puffious says:

Trump is a damn fool. I have left the Republican Party b/c he is pushing a RACIST AGENDA!! And Graham and Pelosi need to be retired!! #Vote4TermLimits2020

okey says:

Hahaha is Miss Lindsey still credible? Why listen to what this Trump licker has to say?

Ernestine Dingle says:


Zed Cartwright says:

How about Dirty Deeds Don apologizing for taking out a full page newspaper ad calling for the execution of the 5 black teens falsely accused of assaulting a white woman in Central Park. He has never called any of them and asked forgiveness for accusing and condemning these young men even though they have been totally exonerated. Now that was a hoax Mr. Pres., and you were too small to admit it. Stop the demagoguery. Even the state legislature of Mississippi has voted to remove the confederate flag from their state flag while bigoted Trump continues to play sweet hate tunes to the skin heads and KKK ilk. The Orange Lying One wants to take us back to the 60's with his Bull Conner style riot police firing on peaceful protesters so the opportunistic Orange Boss Hog can wallow in the mud on his way across the square on his hind legs to show his Anti-Christ colors. How about trying to keep some of the commandments which Jesus said all wrapped up in one is to love thy neighbor as thyself before you make a spectacle of yourself holding up a Bible in front of a church. This kind always unveils a speck of religion around election day, but never puts any of it into practice as it is fable to them. Jesus said to go pray in your closet so it is sincere instead of making a spectacle of your hypocritical unrighteous self for men to see. The hoax Christian. The Chosen One of God. The counterfeit Messiah. Putin's Celebrity Apprentice. Satan's tool. The Liar and Chief D.J.T. Endorsed by religious merchandiser Jim the Faker Felon Bakker and the other money hoarding charlatan ministers who bask in the excessive spoils of a perverted form of commercial Christianity while the poor and needy suffer and die from lack. The lowest of the low in bed with the most low. With their pockets laden heavy with silver and gold and precious things of this temporary world they have fallen and can't get up. For the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil, while some coveted after they have erred from the faith. 7th messenger

Young Benny602T.V says:

Trump so sad he don't get no attention no more ouhhhhg Poor Lil Baby .

Young Benny602T.V says:

Trump You don't have No education What's So Ever ! or what do you Know Cause You really Dont know what's really going on !! , I Think Laura Ingraham A Drunk A Alcoholic drunkie!! , Because Of Trump America Has started this racists Nonsense !! What Yall think y'all can just keep taking advantage of black people , brown people and , Even white people , What Ever Color We Are , That's Still American People !! , Trump Is A Racist Kkk Thats Not American , Its For The American People , Not for The kkk !! The Power Of Police Is An Has Been And Continues To force And Hurt Americans Of All Colors !! , Against American People Either White , Black , Or Brown , That's why We Going Threw A Defund Police situation Thing Rite Now , Its Real Not Fake , Its True Not Funny , Its Real Because Its People Like Laura Ingraham ! That Can Think They Can Continue To Take Advantage Of American People By Using Force Police etc , Against AnyBody They Want ! Thats Wrong Because We Knows Whats Real And What's Wrong , We Know Are Right And We Know Are Constitution Rights , An The Kkk Is Trying To Use The American Flag , Kkk People Are Abusing The American Flag , An The Kkk Been Abusing The American Flag For Over 400 Years !!!! , Because Of Trump And The Kkk Together Is Trying To Continue To Be Racist Against The Real American Flag And All Kinds Of Peoples White Black And Brown But All Colors Are American People , Trump Is An Supports Kkk The Nazi flag ! Trump Does It For Hitler ! A Nazi Germany Flag , That's Not American ! That's A Disgrace A Plain And simple Disgrace !! , Racist Bastards , Trump And The Kkk wants To take advantage Of The Real American People , The statues they're not just white The statues are kkk People That Killed Real American People Back In The Days 400 Years Ago , Trump And The kkk People Are not With The United States flag ! There With The Germany Hitler Kkk Nazi Flag !!! people it's because of People Like Trump And Kkk , We Cant Even celebrate The 4th Of July The Rite Way , And To Top It Off , Trump Started The Covid 19 Because Trump Doesn't Care About The American Flag , Trump Only Cares About Himself And The kkk Germany Hitler Nazi Flag !!!! why we don't gain real education in this world ! , In The USA !! Its because The Kkk Nazi Hitler Germany Flag !! , Keeps Trying To Not Only brainwash Us ! But keeps Trying To Kill Us an keeps taking advantage of The Real American People ! The Real American Flag !! Dont Vote For Trump Because Trump Isnt A American Flag ! Trump Is A Kkk Nazi Germany Hitler Flag !!! Dont Let Trump Abuse And Try To Use The American Flag , When Trump Made It Clear , That Trump Is With The Kkk Nazi Germany Hitler Flag !!!!!!!! #wake Up And Stand Up For Your Rights !!!!!!!

TheChakwing says:

You’re wrong. Tweet is Donald Trump, not President

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