Trump doubles down on 'stable genius' routine

Trump doubles down on 'stable genius' routine
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President Donald Trump doubles down on his “stable genius” routine. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports he’s expressing gratitude lately … for himself.



Vic Alexander says:

Dr. John Gunnell murderer of Six Million Jews

This horror was perpetrated by the United States Government by the CIA. It was the work of Dr. John Gunnell born in Canada, who became a US Citizen in order to become the general in charge of the Battle of the Bulge. Dr. John Gunnell is the son of Dr. Joseph Merrick the Elephant Man. No reflection of the Elephant Man who was a Catholic. The Merricks were a Catholic family. In fact, I was baptized a Catholic (even though I was already baptized as a Presbyterian as a baby, so I didn't need to be baptized again. I was already a Christian; but since it meant that I could go to the US, albeit via Canada and Regiopolis College, another Jesuit high school, I agreed. However, John Carey Merrick when he became a young man, he went to Brigham Young University and became a Mormon. He graduated with a BA. He also fought as a boxer by the name of Harry Greb the Pittsburgh Windmill. Obviously he didn't die. Harry Greb has a boxing website. Dr. John Gunnell decided to discard his US Citizenship in order not to stand trial when the US Supreme Court would ask him to come to Washington DC and if found guilty of making the US responsible for the murder of the six million Jews and then blaming it on Germany (and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has already planned the trial and execution of Dr. John Gunnell to make him pay for the total destruction of Germany by the US and Queen Elizabeth's as the British Monarch who approved the death of the six million Jews and the method of how they were murdered, and later tried to prevent the State of Israel from being formed when as a Queen of Great Britain sent British troops to kill the returning freedom fighters who took back their homeland, the Land of Israel, and flew the Star of David as their flag and they choose the color blue as a sing that Israel was going to be a peacefull nation. Therefore Dr. John Gunnell and Elizabeth II are my target to make sure that the UN Tribunals for Justice should be able to have them both tried and executed by the firing squad. As Dr. John Gunnell has already been sentenced to be executed in Israel by the firing squad, but President Donald Trump is harboring him for financial reasons, and as he is also Canadian born and a traitor, he might also be tried by the same UN Tribunals in order to be executed eventually, also for harboring the two criminals former President Barrack Hussein Obama and his FBI Director James Comey who made multiple attempts and succeeded in assassinating and killing Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama Sr; and since President Donald Trump is also harboring them, and since he has also had the Muslim President Obama raping his wife Melania the First Lady in order 'to teach her a lesson', I am seeking the charging and sentencing all these men who are US Traitors (together with their allies in the US, whomever they may be; I am going to charge them through the US Supreme Court and the UN Tribunals until they are all executed by the firing squad. In the meanwhile if I fail, I shall continue to deny the US and Great Britain the signature under which my father who formed the CIA in 1906 put me in charge of rewarding the US Troops that won the US all wars against their enemies after I bring to Justice the US Traitors mentioned and implied in the US — Victor Nimrud Alexander

susan vinson says:

Thanks for the laugh. Well needed these days.

Ian Ian says:

Trump 2020đź’Şđź’Ş

RM says:

The moron Donnie, couldn’t even spell genius!

JHK23 Gaming says:

He's the best president ever and will be for the next 5 years

Ed W says:

Fact is: only Fox News viewers believe this. Rather than focus on this piece of human garbage, why is CNN not focused on getting the ppl to vote on getting his sorry ass out of office.

G O - Away says:

trump our President and neurotic Godless creep and criminal with no ounce of honesty and integrity or creative intellect who has ransacked the lives and future of my children’s children … the Citizens of My United States will vote your azz out of the People’s White House and will look forward the fake Fox News reports on how your surviving as the floor bitch in Federal Prison

Hundro sena says:

trump is a hero in his own mind.

Roman Devivo says:

The profile of a sociopath (antisocial personality disorder)

• Compulsive lying
• Lack of empathy  
• Extreme narcissism 
• Grandiose self-image
• Lack of conscience 
• Manipulative 
• Sexually deviant 
• Sensitive to criticism 
• Paranoid 
• Despotic/Authoritarian 
• Low tolerance for boredom 
• Impulsive behavior
• Shallow emotions  

America got manipulated into electing one of its worst.

APD is a listed mental disorder for which there is currently no cure. Any political leader with such a mental disorder combined with a critical mass of the population that does no longer possess the critical thinking necessary to tell the difference between fact and fiction nor right from wrong is a dangerous and potentially explosive mix.

Throughout the course of history, individuals with similar patterns of mental disorder who were able to take on leading positions in business, finance, government, and religion have detrimentally affected the lives of millions if not, billions. As our societies grow larger and technology exponentially increases the impact one single mentally unstable individual can have on the world’s population, this is a risk we, the people, can no longer afford.

It is time to call out people with such a disorder and expose them for what they are —Mentally and emotionally impaired individuals. Whenever we put these individuals in pivotal positions of power, we allow them to shape our world in ways that serve them and not us. Yet, there is now conclusive evidence that a simple non-intrusive MRI can objectively detect signs of APD. In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must impose a psychological evaluation for anyone running for office as well as others who have the potential to negatively alter the fate of large portions of the world’s population.

Only individuals with high levels of empathy and an inflexible commitment to the truth should be allowed to serve the interests of the people. Anything less is at our expense.


The Sociopath Next Door
book by Martha Stout Ph.D.

Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us
Book by Robert D. Hare

Snakes in Suits
Book by Robert D. Hare

Gracie Anne says:

Burn down the government

Chris Reynecke says:

No, CNN is better at admiring themself. Stop wasting money on attacking our president. You're just confirming that you hate America. How the great have fallen you moved from a respected news agencies to a tabloid tv channel. Your now just a bunch of "paparazzi" your childish behavior have fueled to walk-away movement amongst moderate democrats. At least you're "paparazzi" will have work for 4 more years, 4 more years…..

Bunkiebe says:

Flys swarm 💩. They obviously followed the “stable genius “ in the door.

Deplorable says:

I ❤ Trump

Luis Ramrod says:

Where is the wall??? You fckin red neck!!!!

Morten Grue says:

If you Google the word; Idiot, Trump's dumb looking face will turn up, for all eternity.

songman l says:

And then Obama got caught on the hot mic telling Vladimir Putin he would have more leeway after the election! Dumbass thought the mic was off the whole world heard it! All but you snowflakes here on this site

songman l says:

Obama has the most scandalous Administration there ever was and he claims his administration wasn't scandalous. For all you doubters who doesn't think he said that look it up right here on YouTube! I mean it was on the news for crying out loud! Oh that's right CNN wouldn't air something like that

Eazy Street says:

More like cracked doorknob!

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