The fall of John Bolton: Trump sacks security adviser

The fall of John Bolton: Trump sacks security adviser
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Donald Trump has sacked one of the most senior members of his administration.

National Security Adviser John Bolton was dismissed with a tweet telling him his services were no longer needed in the White House.

Reports had emerged that Mr Bolton opposed the President’s plan to hold peace talks with the Taliban at Camp David.

Sky’s US correspondent Cordelia Lynch reports.

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Youtube Freak says:

Thank f*ck for that!

Nigel S says:

Trump just wants to hawk himself around the world with tinpot dictators for a photo shoot. Has he solved North Korea ? : No. Has he got Iran round the table ? : No. Has he lessened tension in Gazza : Nope. Has he stopped Russian aggression or Chinese mission creep under the guise of enterprise ? Not than I can see ? Explain 🤔

ByronRaver says:

John Bolton's previous military experience. None.

AL says:

Well done Trump!

Soothing Voice Man says:

Now let’s hope he gets gang-raped to death on his way home 👍

Airstrip One TV says:

The moustache spells war. He is the most dangerous man in the west, he wouldn’t fight for his country but would send young men and women to fight and die for nothing.

francisjtuk says:

Intriguing from Trump – I would assume Bibi will be none to pleased by this since Bolton was pushing the Iran issue pretty strongly towards a military conclusion.

Zom Bee Nature says:

Never trust a man with a mustache. Never.

Sirjuan Tyler says:

That's what he gets for Trusting a Snake!😇🇹🇷

John Baldwin says:

Bolton is a warmonger period!!!

Fellow Citizen says:

Bolton is the enemy of the American people, and the enemy of Democracy + Liberty

Josh Bates says:

Peace for Israel not the west, good riddance pos

Chalo Malaysia says:

Hats off to u Trump! U made the right decision.Now America will move forward in business with other countries.And that will b a gain to America and other nations.HURRAYYYY!

Chalo Malaysia says:

Good Trump fired this man! He just wants war. Good for nothing !

ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

Good riddance

richard marriott says:

Bait and switch haha he left so when war starts they can say it was not their idea

Hrdy Hgf says:

Good riddance he was a warmonger

Megan H says:

Iran may talk to us again now that Bolton is gone. That was oddly one of their demands lol.

abdou4jp says:

Yet another dust in the eye move by the great Machiavelli/Don Quijote weirdo in the White House.

There is so much chaos in the front that none can see through what’s truest being cooked for us in the coming years….

Moose Dragon says:

Zionist war mongering monster
Good riddance

Wilfred says:

Good riddance. No one in the U.S. wanted this guy. Great new for peace.

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