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Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment

Rep. Scalise defends Trump in fiery interview on impeachment
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William Taylor, George Kent and Marie Yovanovitch testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee; House Minority Whip Steve Scalise joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss.

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Fabian Enahoro says:

Chris Wallace is not a journalist. He is a disgrace to the profession like all those fake news anchors in CNN etc. They all need to go back to school.

Hockeymom #67 says:

Chris quit trying to put words in people's mouths. Ugh can't stand him. I get you have to have a balance of views on each network but Chris is just annoying

rich s says:

Trump will be impeached by the house but probably not the Senate

force11111111 says:

Average IQ is like 85 in this chat

Michael Swanbom says:

Wallace thinks hearsay gossip is good evidence. He's in the tank and therefore useless for bringing truth to us as a "journalist." Also, he won't let his guests speak. Will you please fire Wallace already?

Scaphoid00 says:

When is Chris Wallace going to CNN?

chairil siregar says:

Shut up Chris Wallace .. no matter what you try to spin the facts… the truth will prevail.. its all about corruption. TRUMP 2020

alistrandy says:

All this is ridiculous! Trump is in charge of Foreign policy. If you think he does a bad judge vote him out. I don’t worship career diplomats or state department employees.

Neville Bennett says:

This man Chris Wallace is a joke for a journalist he taking about a phone call for impeachment?It's a requirement to investigate corruption before you give aid.

alistrandy says:

Is this CNN??

Angel T says:

Thanks Chris for asking the right questions and not following the Fox News narrative that impeachment is a hoax. There's facts but people don't want to believe them.

SynFuLLLz says:

Chris Wallace gotta go next — can't stand his obvious bias against the president.

Joseph Sanchez says:

Wallace is deaf, a moron or in the same Anti-Republic cult.

gpg20s says:

Scalise loves blowing Trump.

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