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President Trump Talks About Cognitive Test Again, Says Joe Biden Should Take It | TODAY

President Trump Talks About Cognitive Test Again, Says Joe Biden Should Take It | TODAY
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In a new interview overnight, President Trump again questioned Joe Biden’s cognitive ability and talked about the results of a cognitive test he took. He says Joe Biden should take the same test. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports for TODAY from the White House.
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President Trump Talks About Cognitive Test Again, Says Joe Biden Should Take It | TODAY



JCS says:

I fell for some Americans that have to endure this, but for a non American this is pure gold comedy. Grabs the popcorns and enjoys.

ron klingspon says:

Some time after I retired and applied for life insurance a registered nurse conducted a thorough physical and cognitive exam to estimate longevity. One task was to recall, after other activity, 10 substantives (nouns). To my surprise, I could only list 9. The nurse double checked and apologized. There were only 9. Does this make me a "stable genius"? Nope. Don't have a horse.

Bruce Bryant says:

Americans are now banned from traveling ANYWHERE. This is due solely to Trump incompetence, by failing to initiate a nationwide mask mandate, back in March. Be proud America….

Dave Kha says:

Lol! And this man has been your President for almost 4 years?!!

I SEE U: says:

America Divided as Putin Requested! …The World Continues to Laugh! 🙂 🙂 🙂

ckcheung57 says:

My grandson can do the test 😂😂😂

Aizz says:

Biden will fall asleep after the 2nd question

marcum exe says:

Doesn't Trump the Stump have enough to worry about than pointing the finger of BLAME around. America is on fire with shootings every night and Trump the Stump is worried about a cognitive test??? What a real LLLLLLLLOSER.. DUMP TRUMP..

Asphalt Philosophy says:

Joe Biden passed his test. When asked what his favorite color was, he proudly yelled Vanilla. That a boy Joe 1 👍

Bruce Bryant says:

With the DOW dropping 350 points today, I bet Trump won't be mentioning it in his daily Coronavirus briefing, like he has the past couple of days….

Bruce Bryant says:

Once Biden announces Susan Rice as he VP, his lead will expand to 20 points…

Bruce Bryant says:

Biden is 15 points ahead of Trump…why would he debate with a lead like that?

Kay Uwe Böhm says:

There are upwards again over 600 new infections at 21:00,
Europe +18.596 world +280.379

Corona virus Who tests how – and how much? NTV table
India tested only 0.4 per 1000 on 24.4 on 22.7 on 10.7 FRG 88.5
Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Senegal, Togo, Kenya, Mexico, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan all under 10 at 142 in the USA almost only dwarf countries with more tests except Russia and Luxembourg with 591.9 top.

+++ 20:07 government pays millions for mask procurement to business consultants +++
The federal government is paying almost ten million euros to the management consultancy Ernst & Young for the procurement of protective medical equipment in the corona crisis. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Health to a request from the left in the Bundestag. In March, after calls for help from clinics and nursing homes, the government went into the central procurement of professional protective equipment, such as masks. The products were hotly contested on the international market. Prices went up and down like on the gold market, Health Minister Jens Spahn had said. According to the ministry's response, Ernst & Young has been taking care of the organization, logistics, purchasing and contracts for the procurement of protective equipment and respirators, among other things, since April 7. By the end of June, the company had worked for the government with more than 100 employees. The contract runs until November.

+++ 19:12 USA cross the limit of four million infections +++
The United States reports another dark milestone in the coronavirus pandemic. The country now has more than four million infections, according to the New York Times. Not only is the number of cases steadily increasing, the number of deaths is also increasing. In total, more than 143,000 people in the United States have died from the effects of the infection.

+++ 16:01 masks in public: Belgium tightened corona rules +++
Belgium is tightening its measures against the corona pandemic again. From Saturday onwards, a mask must be worn in public places. This includes markets, shopping streets and all places with a lot of public traffic, as Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said. The background is a worrying increase in infections. In addition, according to a report by the Belga news agency, the requirement is that guests in restaurants and pubs must leave an email address or telephone number so that they can be informed in the event of infection. Late-sale shops must close at 10:00 PM to avoid crowds. The rule therefore remains that everyone should only have contact with 15 different people per week.

+++ 14:57 Coronavirus spreads rapidly in Swiss youth camps +++
The coronavirus has spread in a Swiss youth camp with 100 participants between the ages of 9 and 13. Seven people have been shown to be infected, with others suspected of being infected, the health authority in the canton of Graubünden said. Two people are in the hospital and more than 200 are in isolation or quarantine. This camp, as well as one that participants in the first camp had switched to over the weekend, was immediately terminated.

Es geht wieder aufwärts über 600 Neuinfektionen um 21:00,
Europa +18.596 Welt +280.379

Coronavirus  Wer testet wie – und wieviel?  NTV Tabelle
Indien testete nur 0,4 pro 1000 am 24.4 am 22.7 10,7 BRD 88,5
Indonesien, Ähtiopien, Nigeria, Myanmar, Senegal, Togo, Kenia, Mexiko, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan alle unter 10 bei 142 in USA fast nur Zwergstaaten mit mehr Tests ausser Russland wie Luxemburg mit 591,9 Top.

+++ 20:07 Regierung zahlt Millionen für Maskenbeschaffung an Unternehmensberater +++
Für die Beschaffung medizinischer Schutzausrüstung in der Corona-Krise zahlt die Bundesregierung fast zehn Millionen Euro an die Unternehmensberatung Ernst & Young. Das geht aus einer Antwort des Bundesgesundheitsministeriums auf eine Anfrage der Linken im Bundestag hervor. Im März war die Regierung nach Hilferufen aus Kliniken und Pflegeheimen in die zentrale Beschaffung professioneller Schutzausrüstung, wie Masken, eingestiegen. Auf dem internationalen Markt, waren die Produkte damals heiß umkämpft. Die Preise gingen hoch und runter wie am Goldmarkt, hatte Gesundheitsminister Jens Spahn gesagt. Ernst & Young kümmert sich der Antwort des Ministeriums zufolge seit dem 7. April unter anderem um Organisation, Logistik, Einkauf und Verträge bei der Beschaffung von Schutzausrüstung und Beatmungsgeräten. Bis Ende Juni war das Unternehmen demnach mit mehr als 100 Mitarbeitern für die Regierung im Einsatz. Der Vertrag läuft den Angaben zufolge bis November.

+++ 19:12 USA überschreiten Grenze von vier Millionen Infektionen +++
Die USA melden einen weiteren düsteren Meilenstein in der Coronavirus-Pandemie. Mittlerweise zählt das Land mehr als vier Millionen Infektionen, wie die "New York Times" vermeldet. Nicht nur die Fallzahlen steigen beständig, auch die Zahl der Todesfälle nimmt weiter zu. Insgesamt sind mehr als 143.000 Menschen in den USA an den Folgen der Infektion gestorben.

+++ 16:01 Masken in der Öffentlichkeit: Belgien verschärft Corona-Regeln +++
Belgien verschärft seine Maßnahmen gegen die Corona-Pandemie wieder. Von Samstag an muss auf öffentlichen Plätzen Maske getragen werden. Dazu gehören Märkte, Geschäftsstraßen und alle Orte mit viel Publikumsverkehr, wie Ministerpräsidentin Sophie Wilmès mitteilte. Hintergrund sei ein beunruhigender Anstieg der Infektionen. Hinzu kommen soll nach einem Bericht der Nachrichtenagentur Belga die Vorgabe, dass Gäste in Restaurants und Kneipen Email-Adresse oder Telefonnummer hinterlassen müssen, damit sie im Fall von Infektionen informiert werden können. Läden mit Spätverkauf müssen um 22.00 Uhr schließen, um Menschenansammlungen zu vermeiden. Es bleibt demnach bei der Regel, dass jeder pro Woche nur Kontakt mit 15 verschiedenen Menschen haben soll.

+++ 14:57 Coronavirus breitet sich rasant in Schweizer Jugendlager aus +++
In einem Schweizer Jugendlager mit 100 Teilnehmern zwischen 9 und 13 Jahren hat sich das Coronavirus ausgebreitet. Sieben Menschen hätten sich nachweislich infiziert, bei weiteren bestehe der Verdacht auf eine Ansteckung, teilte die Gesundheitsbehörde im Kanton Graubünden mit. Zwei Menschen seien im Krankenhaus, und mehr als 200 in Isolation oder Quarantäne. Dieses Lager sowie ein weiteres, in das Teilnehmer des ersten Lagers am Wochenende gewechselt hatten, wurden sofort beendet.

khanchy says:

""The test does not measure cognitive intelligence or IQ.""- Is there any present in the President??

Bruce Bryant says:

You're all just jealous because Trump personally selected ME, yes ME, out of all Americans, to be in his 100 Patriots club. I'm so honored….

Midwest Lab and Tech says:

Biden can't remember what office he's running for. The coward will NEVER debate Trump.

Trump 2020 MAGA BABY

Bruce Bryant says:

"Person, woman, man, camera, TV"….. I must be a stable genius too!!!!!

Bruce Bryant says:

I just hope the GOP has some plan for after Trump loses….

Chihuahua Daddy HOC says:

Trump accused them of switching the pictures! He said obviously the work of radical leftist elephants trying to make him look bad!

King Leonidas says:

MSNBC & CNN is fake! BLM "the organization" is a Neo Marxist movement that wants to over throw the US government.

Bruce Bryant says:

It's only a very short step from sending federal troops, uninvited, to cites across America, to full on Martial Law…..

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