President Trump speaks at the China phase one trade deal signing – 1/15/2020

President Trump speaks at the China phase one trade deal signing – 1/15/2020
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President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the signing ceremony of U.S.-China phase one trade deal.

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President Trump speaks at the China phase one trade deal signing – 1/15/2020



Michael McDonald says:

Does this mean the end of farm subsidies? Does this mean the end of repo? Does this mean the end of the fed pumping up the stock market? Never mind.

Elbert Lee says:

The first time in my life sees a very unusual situation where the POTUS signing an agreement with a low ranking representative from China. The orange face really desperate for this deal.

Suriya Stoltzfus says:


sailaab says:

arey won-meelar भई… hum tou fLIckeer hein Fakeer.. jhola uthayenge ..aur chal denge.
*✯Ah, to hell with it. I just have to suffer through it the way I have all my life.✯*

Ng Soon Lee says:

What a stupid sad music. Someone from the lawless uncivilised nation just died?

Ng Soon Lee says:

President Xi has no time for this albino 🐖. Just send a vice premier to deal with this lawless uncivilised nation of albino 🐖🐖🐖.

Dorien Wolfs-Takens says:

Watch the insane idiot. He is really sick and all his narcissistic treats are showing. Lying again about everything. The Chinese vice premier (Xi didn’t even think it worthwhile to send his Premier) knows that this is only a show of Trump.
Can somebody hit Mnutchin on his smug face😝

Sara Lee says:

God Bless President Trump.

Francisco Verra says:

One after another trump s winning shame 2 democrats and trump haters

Stephen Conklin says:

China vice premier is talking big picture as a global trader at this ceremony in his speech, were Trump was really being self center of “American First” policy which is a disaster for the USA and the world. China has shown to be the bigger person showing the trade agreement should be based on mutual respect and benefit. China talk of building trust and focus on the signing event and did not deviate in political attacks.

Stephen Conklin says:

According to MacroPolo web site, Chinese investors and firms own a majority of almost 2400 American companies employing 114,000 people. China is building a strong foot hold in the USA that is constantly growing.

A Krenwinkle says:

Trump had a major hissy when he found out that soon after the Access Hollywood tape went viral, Pence went around to the delegates, offering himself as a replacement nominee.

Stephen Conklin says:

Leaving the tariffs on Chinese goods coming in of $250 Billions means the US consumers still pays for the goods, means Trump is still screwing the little guy. Trump is still blaming past US Presidents for not getting deals done, his typical practice of blaming others. Trump did not mention there are many companies here in the USA that are owned by the Chinese people.

Stephen Conklin says:

Trump has the nerve of talking trash of China of unfair trade practices history while Chinese representative is there. Trump political attacks even during this signing mocking Democrats show how small of a leader he truly is.

Stephen Conklin says:

This is suppose to be event for the nation in this trade treaty signing with China not a spot for a Trump to do his political bitching about impeachment. President Bill Clinton would have a different approach than poison President Trump shot out with his mouth at this event. Bill would have focus on the event at hand and not mentioned anything concerning impeachment in a high profile public event.

Stephen Conklin says:

Attacking political opponents at a signing of a trade treaty with China is not presidential, and shows Trump is really unstable man.

Shummy Race says:

Praise God for His Eternal Faithfulness!!!🌟🌟🌟😇😇

Stephen Conklin says:

President Trump should not even breathing word of the impeachment at this trade signing ceremony with China, it does not help his cause.

Stephen Conklin says:

Trump family also walked off with 17 trademarks from China. Trump wants to remove laws preventing US companies taking and giving bribes to foreign businesses and governments, a complete unethical approach to business in our nation.

Alexey says:

Great speech. Thank you, Mr. President, from Germany !

EG says:

Hopefully this can create peace between the beautiful Chinese and American people, much love to China.

gtlo1974 says:

Trump taught China customers always right!

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