President Trump Signs Phase-One Trade Deal With China

President Trump Signs Phase-One Trade Deal With China
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Jan.15 — President Donald Trump signed phase-one of the trade deal with China. Dozens of American business people and Chinese officials were on hand at the White House.



Jack Morsey says:

Democrats you guys are hopeless

Chao Qin says:

Trump said he won't sign a partial deal and what is this?
Trump only has a lying big mouth with a coward's mind.
Xi is Trump's sugar daddy

True North Strong and Free says:

Signing a pact with the devil himself!.. BEIJING (AP) — Shanghai ended all official relations with the city of Prague on Tuesday after the Czech capital chose to partner with Taipei instead of Beijing.
The foreign affairs office of the Shanghai municipal government snapped that they “strongly condemn (Prague's decision) and solemnly protest!”
Shanghai will immediately suspend relations and all official contact with Prague, the municipal government said in a notice.
The move comes a day after the city of Prague signed a cooperation agreement with the capital of Taiwan, which China regards as a renegade province. Last year, Prague refused to sign a deal with Beijing that included a clause stating that the city supports the one-China principle —- the notion that Taiwan belongs to Communist Party-ruled China.
The Czech government recognizes the one-China principle, but Prague authorities have resisted it.
At Monday's signing ceremony, Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib said Prague and Taipei share “democratic values, the respect to basic human rights and cultural freedoms.”
Funny how that works eh!~ China buys off politicians in a number of countries that once supported Taiwan but no longer do due to the almighty YUAN and the stolen tech that comes with it. They have been doing this for hundreds if not thousands of years! Pay off the top corrupt officials, “Disappear” the dissenters, and voila! You are now in control of a countries natural resources and infrastructure to move those resources back to China! So Proud of the folks inn Prague for putting their foot down and saying “NO” to China! As long as China gets everything their way, they are silent but they really kick up a storm when things like this happen! China needs to prepare for more of this sort of thing as the world is quickly cooking to realize that China has a plan they will only satisfy their countries needs!

xuefei zhang says:


mayedaj says:

Trump 2020!

Yogui 1028 says:

China agree about the tariff, they don't care about it WE are the ones paying for, who you trying to fool, Trumptards?

David Cohan says:

All I see is ink on a piece of paper. WTF did he sign for?
A new 🧠

r tyler says:

Gotta give it to him, Trump has been getting shit done. A lot of these World leaders respect strength and firmness. China was forced to come to the table.

Luis Adrian Moreno Nevarez says:

Trump is very stupid!!!

What The says:

Now this is historical and not a word from CNN.

Anyone who says they thought the USA and China would ever come to terms has Trump Derangement Syndrome. I trust China far more than Germany who controls the EU, it’s less than a century since WW2.

LeadUR Subconscious says:

China is not happy lmao they betting on Pelosi now lol China always likes to rip off everyone else

Lawrence of America says:

Our Lady's Peace Plan, Over Atheistic Communism…Family Rosary

The Triumph of Mary Begins With President Trump the Great!

The Right Man, At the Right Place, At the Right Time


Tom Noy says:

how the heck did they release such an amateur piece of video

Sonya Lewis says:

Trump is not trying to stick it to china. Just pay attention to the big picture. Smh

Shirl Zitting says:

Trump is like: Take the pen, damn it, and sign it. This is bigly much gooder.

Truth Warrior says:

That's my man right there getting shit done! Dems take a good long look at REAL progress! Yall are finished.

seahawks 12man says:

Good job trump !!! Obama shouldn’t of done this long time ago Trump 2020 keep his promise thank you

Ed Reumann says:

Quite impressive. Bloomberg News gave Trump 1 minute, 3 seconds of coverage for one of the more historical events of our time. Well done, President Trump. Keep America Great!

Angela Leach says:

Chinese playing games here. You watch; soon will be an issue with them reneging. When they do (and assuredly they will) POTUS will squeeze them until they burst. Hong Kong, intellectual property, S. China sea, fentanyl production and distribution…. who the fuck do you think you're bullshittin? Picked the wrong one if you think that you're going to clown POTUS; homey don't play. WWG1WGA MAGA
Thanks Q+ 🙂

Paul Butler says:

Look at that only one pen used Nancy Pelosi had multiple pens each one of her pens must have just enough ink in them to write one letter of her name man that is expensive at $ 350.00 per pen with a drop of ink in each one Democrats are so wasteful and they try to push this go green crap Go Trump Go Maga all the way 2020 we the people stand with President Trump and we the people will be voting for him again period

S Lawson says:

Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!

Safety First says:

This Is The REAL WORLD America that counts not Pelosi’s HATE GAMES!

Cary Clan says:

The Chinese scammed Trump. They stopped buying soybeans asked Brazil to take up the slack, Brazil starts expanding their soybean output and burning down forest area to make to grow more soybeans and now China makes a deal with the US to buy soybeans which will have the effect of over supply. China is agreeing to buy planes, but they have already ordered the planes. Its a not really a deal, deal. But Trump will hype it up like the greatest deal in the world and brag about selling soybean when the fact is he cost farmers over $30 billion in lost sales.

Bruce Morrisseau says:

Said what he was gonna do and did it

Ed Lee says:

Some people wish that it was done by the previous guy 3 years ago.

Gordon Mcsweeny says:

I guess the President of China was too important to show up. Hell of a photo op.
Sell your USD.

David Bertrand says:

Hooray for the US, MEXICO, & CANADA. Thank you President Trump and your agenda and your winning ways and vision into 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

charlie rana says:

So what benefits goes to trump and his business partners pocket Fooling people making nonsense deals

Manuel Aleman says:

Yeap while Demorats wasting tax payers money on no solid evidence to get our great president out of office cause they can't win on a real election. President Trump is campaigning and still doing what he promised the American people strong economy, creating job growth and doing a great job with the tariffs. They hate the idea of an outsider schooling their ass.
God bless America
God bless Donald Trump 2020

Sam Sowards says:

Do these trade deals really mean anything? I think with today's emerging world economy I think there are ways around some of these trade deals, as well as China establishing the New Silk Road. It has made for China a win win situation.

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