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President Trump demands governors reopen churches, synagogues and mosques 'right now'

President Trump demands governors reopen churches, synagogues and mosques 'right now'
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President Donald Trump on Friday demanded that governors reopen churches, synagogues and mosques “right now,” threatening to override them if they do not do so by the weekend.



Cat Blue says:

“We need MORE prayer, not less.” So true. I pray best in my shower..so I’m good.

manny lang says:

Let It Open Praise God

Fee Mac says:

The Devil will NEVER win at anything! Churches REOPEN Glory to God🥰

Tarbaby says:

Who was that kid on Mad (the tv show) "look what i can do" Stuart, just another distraction from the lousy job https://youtu.be/WyvbFMGmImg

N S says:

God is Santa Claus for adults. Grow up. Develop a moral compass. Hint: Greed Over Principles, GOP, is not moral.

Kim Bui says:

I’m from California thanks Mr. President!

Boyowa Erewa says:

Heaven smile on you on this one Mr President 🙌💯🙏

Matthew Bonciu says:

From Barcelona God bless you Mr Trump!

Mauricio Smith says:

Glory to God !

Moha A. says:

Trump, I don’t like you at all but thank you! We need to pray!🙏🏿🙏🏿

Victor Barales says:

Daniel pray tree times a day in his home and God bless him Big

Begone Woman of no self respect says:

This feels some conspiracy crap as if someone behind the church thing is bribing Trump to open up already despite the fact that the virus is still strong and increasing.
Wasn't the first time he tried opening it up but then closing it, and now again?

Unless he's just this idiotic.

Marcel Audubon says:

Yes, please open the churches … evangelicals: breathe extra deep as you stand smugly next to your asymptomatic but infected fellow evangelicals this weekend !! A couple million fewer preachy imbeciles in this country will be an improvement – thanks for making it so easy!! signed, your fellow Americans

Aaron Albano says:

Godbless you Mr. President!

Aaron Albano says:

Glory To God.l!

K P says:

HHH! Ok to bad his Mother did not go to the Local Abortion clinic 73 yrs ago!!! Double knitting needles should have been used!!He was a POSTER child candidate for abortion Rights! His mother should have swallowed rather than conceive! He should have been aborted Period!

Red Hawk says:

Wait so the churches are opening this weekend or na

pat c says:

time to replace holy water with holy hand-sanitizer

Tsnore says:

Our President is a man of enormous faith. Bless this man of God!

V3 tv gang says:

Yesssss. Bless you trump !!!

Dan Dotson says:

My suggestion to you my president is this! If these socialist dictatorship governors restrict the right of the people To worship in their way in their own churches (1st amendment) then my suggestion to you Mr. President is this! Use your powers as President and the constitution and “Declare Martial Law” Send in the Military and federal troops and arrest these anti-constitutional governors and restore order! Damm Right Quick!

Robert Godlewski says:

Absolutely stupid. I thought we stayed out of work to protect the elderly. Now we are going to allow them to congregate??? Population control here we come. Looks like the funeral industry will stay busy.

Benjamin Deckard says:

This will backfire if there are major outbreaks in churches. God gave us a brain didn't he?

Hungry for Apples says:

All go to church and pray that you won't get sick in the high risk states. God won't let the holy ones get infected. His children are safe from disease! Donald Trump believes in all of you!

LOVE THE Lord says:

Then you realize

Trump isnt a bad guy after all
God bless trump. Amen, one of the finest works he has done.

mikey fiftythree says:

Trump does not have the authority to open Houses of Worship, National Parks, yes, but not churches.

domitron says:

Trump was big in the conservatives, and this plays right into it. He's a politician first and foremost, and only a total idiot would forget this. Everything he does is to ensure his re-election. Of course, this will result in death, but that will just increase the prayer about it all. Keep them dying. Keep them scared. Keep them voting Trump.

T A says:

it’s not up to putin poodle trump to open the country! Immigrants like trump always fail to understand our Constitution and form of government. Maybe it’s time we deport them back to Europe and israel.

Sonia Galindo says:

OMG!!! Ha ha ha!!! Yes, because people love hanging out in abortion clinics, liquor stores like they hang out in churches, synagogues or mosques. Trump the Jim Jones. Plenty of churches online and many people know how to worship at home with their family. He's just appealing to the fools. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Should anyone go just do the social distancing, hand washing and mask up. Not never necessary when worshipping from home. I seem to recall our Lord hears us from anywhere.

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