President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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More of President Trump’s closest aides and allies are being sucked into the impeachment inquiry, which is expanding quickly on Capitol Hill. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker, Washington Post Columnist Brian Klaas, former U.S. Justice Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller, former Ambassador William Courtney, and former U.S. Attorney Berit Berger, to discuss what we have learned in the last 24 hours and what that means for the impeachment process. Aired on 10/01/19.
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President Donald Trump’s Inner Circle The Focus Of The Impeachment Push | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC



Private Private says:

Twitter Troll tRump, sleepy creepy joe, body count Clinton’s, but Obama, Bottom of the barrel Barr, Coocoo Rudy, Moscow Mitch, Lying Lindsey Graham, puppet Pence. Saudi Arabia, Epstein, The Royals, Putin, Pompey, Kim Hong un….

Oroborus says:

Trump's treason is going to become "white noise" to the American public? Come on, MSNBC. The public is naive but it's not that stupid.

majorgeeek says:

there are no grounds for impeachment – proven fact, the president will not be impeached – but there is a plethora of misdoings and treasonous activities on the Democrat side in their failed attempt to oust the elected president yet to be discerned – a real smorgasbord of criminal activity

HiSomebody TrackingMuch? says:

The Trump Administration didn't disclose that Pompeo was on the call, did they? I believe that was found out by journalist. AKA "evil corrupt media"*

Nicholas Batshon says:

IMPEACHMENT already or we are all doomed

Artemis Fowl says:

Threatening a whistleblower with violence is high crimes & misdemeanors, Mr. President! This is an impeachable offense!

Wesley C. says:

Ignore the facts. Ignore the science. Ignore the evidence. Ignore the rule of law. That's the law of these yahoo cowboys.

Richard Hunt says:

That could only mean ……

David Jones says:

NSNBC should be ashamed. Each time your fake news agenda is pushed, it fosters this lie that Trump is helping the Russians 4 it under cuts our nation ability to defeat China & Russia. Hilary gave away US Intel by her refusing to use secured e-mails, but Trump is attacked & lied upon for talking to the Soviets. Remember in 1962 when JFK had secrets dealings with the Soviets, he was praised even though he ultimately lied to the US citizens

Annie says:

Rudy isn't licensed to practice in Washington, DC so that's a null and void. Trump is using Rudy, Pompeo, Pence and Barr as his gophers.

Elaine Woodly says:

He said that we will have a civil war if he is impeached. I for one is not killing my self behind Trump or no one else.

James Brown says:

The way republicans are behaving you would think non of them have kids, smh.. At the same time this poor display of support we are witnessing is how they pass their ignorance and hate onto their kids and the hate and ignorance continues.. This is why their hatred and disconnect still plagues this country til this very day. Menaces to Society is a understatement.

Terry Buggage says:

Attorney client privilege nor executive is allowed when a fraud case is involved & other crimes . U can't use those privileges to cover up wrong doing .

Andrew Hoye says:

"Take the President at his word", we all know that his word is worthless. He's just hoping that some unhinged supporter will find out who the whistleblower is and take matters into their own hands.

Oscar Esquivel says:

what a joke did not put America 1st but his god President orange 🍊
Lock him up
He cover up things like he did in the pass
With old president

bijan bijan says:

Any other country people would have stormed the palace and dragged the scum bag traitor to prison until court martial .

Craig Quinby says:

That's dicktator talk

Oscar Esquivel says:


tcr333 says:

Clinton, Sush, Obama took us into illegal wars and no investigations to phone calls or any deals worked out. How come the fake media aren;t investigating the Epsteins protection more closely?

Houston Strong says:

I’m confused white America is treating Trump like he’s helping black America 🤧

P Clay says:

Trump has a plan, that's why he's meeting with Kim Jon Un… could it be ballistic???

Judy says:

We have to allow trump to take himself out….it might upset his supporters if he were to be forced out. In a nutshell.

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