President Donald Trump receives warm welcome from Alabama Crimson Tide football fans

President Donald Trump receives warm welcome from Alabama Crimson Tide football fans
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President Donald Trump receives warm welcome from Alabama Crimson Tide fans

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Joey 9 says:

Fake video! Fuck Donald Trump! Fuck the Red Tide! America was already great til Ronald Chump bleached its asshole and plugged it with his tiny dick.

Deborah DiPerna says:

Fredo from Cnn reports fake cheering pumped through speakers.

TeeTeeDoreia says:

Well dumpy did say southerners were stupid!

Stephanie Baker says:

Love love love love LOVE this!!!

Jo Jo says:

So deserving….I love this president!!!!

Don A says:

Pretty freaking cool.

me me says:

Must of been free tickets as they announced him “ and now the guy who played alfalfa from lil rascals !!! “

Jeremy H. says:

Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!

Harry Leonard says:

They're cheering because he's agreed to give back the money he stole from his charity. ….

that wasn't.chicken says:

Crowd showed class before the game and the team showed a lot of class in a rare defeat!! Roll Tide!!

jess says:


Joshua1984 says:

TRUMP 2020!

Celery Is Disgusting says:

…..and this is why Alabama ranks 46th in education. Congrats. Now your football team sucks too. Double congrats.

Celery Is Disgusting says:

This guy is a cooler. Every game Trump goes to, the home team loses.

Day of The Rope says:

News won’t report this, just how they won’t report that Eric Ciaramella tosses Adam Schiff’s salad

bodkin trenchfoot says:

Hi, from an Australian deplorable – a few days ago the MSM here were all showing Trump getting booed at some event in Washington – today…..NOTHING about this. They are so clearly biased, which is why no-one trusts them anymore.

mimi mure says:

Damn. It looks like it could be one of his rallies. Hella epic. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Facts Matter says:

Does anybody really believe Trump cares about college football? He doesn't do anything unless it benefits him personally or politically.

Blake Green says:

but they mainstream media covers at world series….

Stepnie says:

trump lost again. LOL! Congrats bama fans!

Jay Smith says:

When will trump invade Mexico,they still have some oil left.

Shadow2033 says:

Losers, alabam is finished. Cheering evil !!!

Aaron Sandoval says:

Remember when he endorsed a peto for senate in Alabama 😂

madcapper6 says:

As a college football fan, I've been hating on the Crimson Tide for years. After watching this 40 second clip, seeing all those fans standing up for our president, I'm on the train now. Go Tide! You guys rock.


They can’t show this on msn because it challenges the puppet controlled media’s agenda

MrsDarcyfans says:

Alabama got karma for cheering the monster

dadadruma Marcopoulos says:

Sad to see many people too scared to exercise their first amendment rights, Now it if had something to do with Gun rights Well then……………………………………….. Then the Exploits Fly!

ma,ma gee's gospel says:

They were paid too cheer, So Trump wouldn't get Butt Hurt, Like his last two times ! 😉😁✌

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