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President Donald Trump On Turkey And The Kurds: 'They've Got To Work It Out' | MSNBC

President Donald Trump On Turkey And The Kurds: 'They've Got To Work It Out' | MSNBC
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President Trump responded to questions on his decision to remove U.S. troops from Syria and the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds. “They’ve got to work it out” the president said, adding that U.S. troops are now in a “safe location.”
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President Donald Trump On Turkey And The Kurds: ‘They’ve Got To Work It Out’ | MSNBC



tintinesk5 says:

Traitor, coward, scum !

MrNever theire says:

The US and trump are very smart, by withdrawing and the Russians moving up it destroys Turkish Russian relations and weakens everyone in that region, meanwhile US tax pay dollars stay at home. This guy is a genius hate him or love him he is doing the best for his coubtry

Will Naman says:

When this president gets blood on his hands, it goes up to his neck.

kalaya01 says:

This man is such a traitor to America & our Allies. All he cares about it Trump Towers Istanbul & Putin.

Monty Bailey says:

Not the dumbest man but the most worthless human on the planet I say an Indian boy in a sea of dung is a better human being then Trump we ever be!

P N says:

Strategically brilliant goof

A says:


Pamela Damaris says:

LOLOLOLOL He honestly believes that we are as stupid as he is. What a moron.

holly U says:

what a nincompoop

Indigné pour 2 says:

I'm belgian and I don't know anything regarding the economical situation of americans atm. So I have one question: has your socio professional situation become worse since Trump was elected? If yes, just me explain me how. And what's with all that hate, as much as I hate politicians in their whole I can't possibly say that Trump is worse than Bush master of chaos, lies and death across the world🥴

Yaw Owusu Ansah says:

The shock on that old ladies face 0:58 when he said some ISIS members were released for effect is priceless😂😂😂😂

Chris Foley says:

Boy trump has taken an awful lot of credit for capturing and killing ISIS and imprisoning ISIS! It was the kurds who did virtually allof the fighting, capturing a d DYING. You just gave them some guns, training and supprt from positions mostly out of harm's way. But that's pretty much your M.O. taking credit for the ideas, work and acievements of others; things you NEVER did and NEVER could have done.

Cynna1065 says:

Look at the note-takers face at 0:57 when Trump says that only a few of ISIS were released for effect. Sweet baby Jesus, even she knows that the president is crazy. They all know!

Cynna1065 says:

"Maybe they can do it without fighting", he says as Kurds are pulled out of their cars and assassinated along the road.

Tina Rice says:

Trump/Putin Deep State legacy:
Abandoning the American soldier and allies on national television forcing them to look back and see the Russian flag flying over their post, seeing their dead allies on the ground, and seeing ISIS fighters flee to Russia/Syria for support. Trump will support Russia above the Ethos of the American soldier willing to die along with their allies to protect our nation and Constitution. Tramp is a Traitor. Putin IS NOT our ally. He's not even a friend to this country.


Bigest lier stop lie

Ralph Colerick says:


Sage Oldmann says:

A war that’s been going on for over 1,000 years and he wants them to work it out? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. And I find it hard to believe by moving just 50 soldiers all this chaos erupted 🤔

Spirit of the Fox says:

This is mental. For those who get really informed and know about the subject, not ONE point Trump made was true.
– It's not "50 or less" US spec ops members who are in Syria, but more than a THOUSAND. They're still TRAPPED in the crossfire, because Turkey's jihadist mercs have taken the exit road. They'll have to be exfiltrated by air, which is quite dangerous with that military operation going on.
– ISIS prisoners were captured by the Kurds, not the US (who provided air strikes & some spec op support)
– The US kicking itself out of Syria and betraying allies (incl. Saudis and Israël) is a major victory for Russia (+Assad & Iran). How is that good?
– Turkey, NATO's 2nd largest army, is now closer to Russia than It is to the West. How is that good?
– Turkey will likely incorporate the ISIS pow into the ranks of their jihadist mercs, as they've done before. Assad would rather massacre them, but most will go to the West, becoming terrorist. If you think they'll stop in Europe and won't do another 9-11, you're delusional or ignorant.
– Let them work it out… by a GENOCIDE? The forces on the ground are not equal here, if Turkey has Its way, 2 MILLION Kurds & allied minorities (incl. christians) will be massively slaughtered or deported by their jihadist mercs. Ask the Armenians if you think they'd never do this. The goal is an ethnic cleansing to eliminate minorities and replace them with Arabs at the frontier, either pro-turkish or pro-Assad.

You're welcome.

Anthony Stroman says:

Please! This clowns mind is only on his problems and impeachment is first order this is a horrible person.

Political Overload says:

Wow, he didn't sssniff this time 👃💨💨💨

Gigi Schiller says:

You google stupid idiotic moron, and Trump’s face pops up

Rebecca Peterson says:

They’ve got to work it out? Like you did with your first two marriages? Lots of marriages and kids is a psychopathic trait. So is sexual promiscuity, bullying, lack of empathy, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self importance, callousness, conning/manipulation, superficial charm, boredom and criminal versatility. Educate yourselves on psychopaths. Google the PCL-R by Dr. Robert Hare.

James Johnson says:

This can't guy can't work out right vs. wrong, and has the nerve to give that advice. Just ask how things are working out for him and the democrats.

Kathleen Chapman says:

Impeach this platinum blonde haired orange panda now and make the Eagle the symbol of the USA again and not a truckers hat

Gigi Schiller says:

Russia🤔Reallly. Was 9/11 in America or Russia?

Thomas Munns says:

Oh God! That lady behind him! 🤣🤣 That is a WTF face if I've ever seen one!

DataWaveTaGo says:

Fake WH Resident_Dumbfuck_Donny sez: Putin will take care of everything. I know, he pays me very well. Biggly well.

Eric Wadsworth says:

A disgusting, diseased mind.

OceanFragments says:

The stupid trump thing he does with his hands when he's lying and exaggerating is really distracting and annoying.

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