President Donald Trump Has A New 'Ex' As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Has A New 'Ex' As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Rachel Maddow reports on the departure of John Bolton, Donald Trump’s third NSA, from his job at the White House and looks back at his track record under two presidents.
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President Donald Trump Has A New ‘Ex’ As Bolton Extends Ignominious Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



ruth depew says:

Every time Trump loses another White House personality, it becomes obvious, the only type of personality, Trump can tolerate is the sycophant. How many Americans are left who are still willing to take on the job of feeding this juvenile's insatiable appetite for endless praise?

CJusticeHappen21 says:

Bolton would use his last few minutes of influence to contact a list of persons including but not limited to Navy SEALs, US Army Special Operators, CIA SAD Assets, Oregon National Guardsmen, and Erik Prince; doing so with the plan for them to meet in Islamabad where they would execute his own personal invasion of Afghanistan. Most of these calls were hung up on him, but some went as far as to sarcastically encourage him to go ahead and wait for them to meet up. He appeared to take this at face value, as he departed the very next day on an economy Emirates flight.
When he attempted to find out where to purchase assault rifles in the Itwar Bazar from an elderly woman selling apples, he was arrested by the Pakistani Capital City Police. In his struggle to resist arrest, he kicked a nearby 12 year old girl who then punched him in the stomach. Reports show that he cried all the way to the processing center.

Suck my Balls says:

The guy is a war monger with blood on his hands. Bolton along with McMaster deserve death by hanging.

Michael Brady says:

Just sounds like more fake news! MSLSD is horrible. A lot of people in these positions can get let go but still serve for a moment after to live up to a term of condition. Obviously what this anchor should be doing, just living out a short term before proper termination.

NotMe Us says:

There is no problem traitor trump ever fixed that he didn't create

NotMe Us says:

Bolton 2020
Traitor trump needs another primary opponent

Ryan Zacher says:

Supreme leader Trump vs Big Bad Bully Bolton


Pariah sack a sack a Pariah 😆

g mac says:

It's about that background pic of white house through the swamp? wtf

michael preston says:

Do remember, the Repukes left the peoole out in New Jersey and New York after Sandy, so whats else is expected from the Walrus 45?

Ras Kai says:

One KKK out of the way

mijodo2008 says:

Trumps Penchant for Chaos is easily explained. The more chaos Trump creates around himself, the less his own Chaotic Behaviour is evident to the non observant and Willfully Ignorant. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

Aaron Christoffersen says:

So no more news about Epstein and Trump?

mine own says:

Aw , he misses mcmaster. It'd be touching but for trumps history of touching.

Ganiscol says:

Bolton is a warmongering pig, make no mistake. And as such its always good when he is not in a position of influence and power.

However, whenever trump "strongly disagrees" with somebody and gets rid of said person because that person is not a Yes-person, you know that trump's vanity won over serious national security considerations.

mary jones says:

and it all falls back to that 'explanation' by kellyanne conway not so very long ago: Conway stated that Spicer was giving "alternative facts". Todd responded, "Look, alternative facts are not facts. They're falsehoods."
i'm with biden on this, i choose truth over 'facts' (by traitor trump).

William Buick says:

The world is a safer place without this neocon in it ! Thanks to Trump !

Zex Maxwell says:

Why would you want to call back someone who you fired o. O?

Hazel McCloy says:

Bolton said he had let Trump know the previous evening that he was going to resign. Trump said to meet the next morning. I believe Bolton.

tikab says:

trump ruins everything he touches.

marty methuselah says:

Donald the Hump..
Camel boy..

P Costello says:

If we have learned anything over the last few years and last week, Trump retroactively has the records modified, be it with a Sharpie, from bullying with his pack of lemmings, through his TV stooges, or from his orifice of lies. Count on it, he's pretending to have fired the Walrus of the White House. The GOP are Trumps lemmings they will be jumping off the cliff very soon. #GOPTrumpLemmings

SaiiBoost says:

Can't wait to see Trump and Bolton eat each other alive.

David J says:

Trump knows less than nothing, and yet he refuses to listen to the experts with years of experience in their fields. Instead of surrounding himself with highly qualified experts, he has surrounded himself with C and D list sycophants, roguish grifters, and the most unqualified and unprincipled staff of  neophytes ever assembled. As it stands now, only this most unqualified, unprincipled, and quite possibly, mentally disturbed people would want the job as his National Security Adviser.

Vince Fernandez says:

Isn't "CHAOS" the trump administration's brand?!

Hank Terreros says:

"Stop The Madness"! "DUMP TRUMP IN 2020"! -[cheering]

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