President Donald Trump Dismisses Polls Favoring His Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Dismisses Polls Favoring His Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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As Democrats move to a new phase of the impeachment inquiry, a new Fox News poll shows that 49% of the country supports impeaching the president and removing him from office. Washington Post Political Reporter Eugene Scott joins Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi to discuss these new numbers and the way the president is dismissing them. Aired on 11/04/19.
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President Donald Trump Dismisses Polls Favoring His Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC



Ro G says:

The only pole t’rump really cares about is the stripper pole that Ivanka dances around in his wildest dreams! 😆😝

Nivola 1953 says:

only losers and crooks always blame the system or call for conspiracy theories to justify their lack of wins.

snoop alert says:

Another fake Poll

Diane Davidson says:

Americans aren't stupid and we understand. Trump's followers believe his lies, because they choose to. The majority of us live in a factual world. I'm sick of hearing about the Congress losing their seats. Their either there to uphold the Constitution and Law or their not. If they can't do that then they need to find another job. Mitch McConnell hasn't passed one peice of Legislation on the Senate floor, so nothing is getting done for the people. The Senate Republicans are useless anyway. Now right wing media is talking about Civil War if Trump is impeached. This is effing crazy and he needs to go. I don't care how Trump leaves, but he hasn't done a effing thing, but tax cuts for the rich and deregulations. That's the Republican way. The Corporate Dems are no better vote Progressive for real change Bernie/Tulsi 2020. It's time to eat the rich.

qoddoss matin says:

The fall of Rome in the making….

real qanon says:

Trump exposed corruption like no one before him. That is why they attack him24-7

Justice Boofer says:

Making A Gangster America.. MAGA.

Diane Davidson says:

Stop calling it a quid pro quo, it's bribery.

Terry says:

How many more witnesses have to come forward and confirm there was a quid pro quo, before Republicans will accept it?

olrik parlez says:

Sadly, the only realistic way Trump can deliver this country from evil is by having a massive coronary. We expect no less than his utmost dedication and enthusiasm for the job. Get 'er done Donnie.

Donald Johnson says:

Why are we Looking at people who are Not Disqualified from Serving. How about we find a president who is Qualified to Serve ? I do not think republiKlans are Morally Qualified to serve, even in the capacity of Dogcatcher,.. I hope America will pay attention this time and elect a person who IS qualified to Serve America, because this is what happens when you dont,.. Take America out of the hands of Morons again especially White Right Wing republiKlan Terrorist,… Thank You in Advance,..

Tony Johnson says:


Tessmage Tessera says:

Trump says he has "the real polls." So show them to us. Is that so hard to do..? Talk is cheap, Baby Donald — show us these imaginary polls of yours.

Ron Wuerch says:

These Polls Are No Wheres Near To The Truth…Trump In A Landslide.

Joe Gonzales says:

I belive its more than 49% he's booed where ever he goes

Raivan Talley says:

Oh, he has the real polls🙄😂

TonyZed68 says:

"I have the real polls" "I'm an expert" "Nobody knows more about insert subject than me"… yadda yadda yadda. Trump supporters are blind, how can you believe a guy like that??

dems r Traitors says:

Obama was executed for acting as a shadow government. Flying ahead and behind the president saying "stick with our plan Trump will be out of office in 6 months"

Tradeofjane says:

Trump has the real poles, like the one Vladimir Putin shoved up his a$$.

John Lenin says:

The only poll that’s important is the one that shows that Trump should be hanged, drawn and quartered, and fed to pigs.

Florida Crypto R says:

Trump can deny all he wants. There is no real polls as all the polls are producing the same results. It is no longer a question if the Impeachment will occur or not, it is the question on when will the Impeachment occur.

Just Doi says:

tRump wants an impeachment. It’s the only way he can swing a deal to resign and will offer to do so conditional on full immunity to prosecution. Simply losing an election would not offer that opportunity. Just saying

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