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Pres. Donald Trump touts economic recovery: The economy will get better fast

Pres. Donald Trump touts economic recovery: The economy will get better fast
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CNBC’s Eamon Javers reports on the latest comments from President Donald Trump on the state of the economy and the positive jobs numbers.

States that have reopened nonessential businesses and eased restrictions meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus are doing “tremendous business,” President Donald Trump said Friday.

The president specifically cited Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, which had some of the earliest and most ambitious reopening plans.

“Look at what’s going on in Florida, it’s incredible,” Trump said at a news briefing to discuss better-than-expected jobs numbers. “If you look at so many different places that have opened up … the ones that are most energetic about opening they are doing tremendous business and this is what these numbers are all about.”

Some epidemiologists criticized plans in states like Florida and Georgia to reopen businesses even as the daily rate of coronavirus infection continued to climb. Some states, including Florida, have begun to see an uptick in coronavirus cases in recent days, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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Seymour Asses says:

How!? How will it get better when half of America just got torn down, looted, burned, and was already ruined due to covid lockdowns 🤷🤷🤷 this is like the 🤬💩 economy in the history of America even the plaza next to my apartments got burned down and looted lots of people lost jobs and money, this is turning into a third world country!!!

NewportSnooze says:

Lot of salty people in the comments. Guess you all had to cover your shorts?

Wild River says:

2.5M jobs added not equal to economy recovered from recession. 2nd quarter earning report is coming. That counts.

Albert Moore says:

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Perry D says:

Also everyone in America owes $12000 for the stimulus package

NIKA - I very love s*x says:

very funny, guy 🌻 🎈 🌼

Perry D says:

The Economy was wobbling in 2019, had to cut interest rates 3 times, lend the repo markets half a trillion, and start QE4. If we get back to where we were in January were still in bad shape

Ubo Iko says:

Lmao😂this is for the rich not the low income people it's going get better for trump and rich people that don't pay taxes

Pam Deshane says:

Very Good News! The MOB hasn't had time to figure out how to spin this negatively against Trump. These numbers could be a lot better if the BLUE LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC States were to safely open up as asked to, over and over again, instead of "defunding the Police" so RIOTING and LOOTING can create more havoc on the Economy, peoples businesses and lives! But that would not make trump look bad so they will do everything they can to not open up. I imagine the MOB MEDIA will soon try to suggest the 2nd wave is here, people are getting sick again! The numbers can also get better if the Democrats would come back to work at the House, to cut Payroll tax and address other issues as Trump is requesting.

G Howard says:

Just read the unemployment figures are down to 13.6. They were about 25% two weeks ago. If

josh T says:

Trump is the master of fake news. Trump is done comes November. Its time to rid us of the Republican empire replace them all. Our government lies cheats and steals. The protests are just beginning this country is heading to civil war and once it starts its going to bring major changes.

Goodle In says:

Better than walk and loot around the country for nothing

vietimports says:

even the people who were positive on the economy dont believe the numbers LMAO

Michael Tobin says:

The only way to come up with this unemployment number of 13.3% is to use everyone in the united states= 42.6million unemployed / divided by 323 million population. What it means is that every man. women and child was counted in our population was used to come up with this number instead of people that can be employed, BS numbers by queen trump.

Deep South says:

And good news is bad to the delusional insane left

Misused says:

Trump at 8:29AM: Those terrible job numbers you're about to see are all a result of the Democrats, the governors didnt open up soon enough, they're all…

White house staff at 8:30AM: sir, job numbers just came out 2.5 million jobs added last month and much better unemployment than expected.

Trump: This is all because of me I'm the greatest president alive you're welcome.

Chris English says:

Liberals are devastated. The economy is opening and the riots have disgusted Middle America that voted democrat in 2018. Not to mention having a senile candidate in Joe Biden. Great week all round for trump 😂

Eyeris625 says:

Sorry but the economy has nothing to do with the stock market. The market, the economy and the fed seems to be manipulated….is the fed heading towards negative rates?? The unemployment rate may be higher than reported, because those who were unemployed before covid have already fallen off the list…..just saying…

bisquitnspanky says:

Trump is a promoter. It's all he is. Nothing else. He will claim the economy is fantastic or he will blame someone else for the fact that it isn't, but he will actually "do" nothing. He is completely incompetent. An idiot.


If the country was open for business George Floyd wouldn't of used a fake 20 dollar bill and wouldnt of been arrested!

Fred Brent says:

How is his shoulder from patting himself on the back.

steve frazier says:

I lost my job, but as long as my socialist unemployment checks keep rolling in I'm square- a trump voter

Levy says:

Trump has nothing to do with economy It’s simply a process that happened eight years ago and now he just stealing the credit for it.
Trump know people are stupid to believe him but everything about him is a fraud.

timber_beast says:


Metaphix says:

Bad day for Democrats

steve frazier says:

23 trillion national debt? His base LOVES when he talks to them. All I hear is static…yeah, I'm not a fascist…I'm one of those pesky libs…

UBU NOW says:

Why is this surprising these are people who HAD To go back 2 work WITH NO HELP FROM GOVERNMENT

MiHiHemi says:

No one wants to get off unemployment now. They’re making more not working thanks to our idiotic government policies.

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