Lev Parnas Presented To Ukrainians As Speaking On Trump's Behalf | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Lev Parnas Presented To Ukrainians As Speaking On Trump's Behalf | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, talks with Rachel Maddow in an exclusive interview about how he was routinely presented to Ukrainian officials as speaking on behalf of Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. Aired on 1/15/2020.
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Parnas Presented To Ukrainians As Speaking On Trump’s Behalf | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC



Doc Lewis says:

And he kept reciepts. LOL…oops.

Red Alert says:

Trump lies all the time and he has every reason to lie about not knowing Lev Parnas, trying to cover-up his attempt to extort illicit political inteference from Ukraine. The impeachment trial must try to discover whether he tried to bump off ambassador Marie Yovanovich too, an act of treason so abhorrent that even a Republican might not support it.

Inevitable Crafts Lab says:

yeah, and all of you believe the coffee-boy trump barely knew ??`?

MyMother'sGarden says:

It's so sad that we like minded, sane citizens like Rachel Maddow have to dig into every nook and cranny of this foul "swamp" to try and find solid evidence in this impeachment case. The bottom line- Trump and all his WH cronies continually refused to provide Congress with the boatloads of requested documents or the top-official, directly-involved witnesses.

OLACA 2017 Graduates says:

Speak Mr. Parnas-speak

Diana Dominguez says:

Trump and his corruptive Republicans should be imprisoned !! TRAITORS !!

Kira S. says:

UPLOAD the FULL INTERVIEW!!! Jeez MSNBC, you're that desperate for clicks?

Noel Ryan says:

Sounds like Trump is the master ventriloquist, like Edgar Bergen and his dummies Charlie McCarthy & Mortimer Snerd, with all of these dummies talking for him. Trump's GOP Administration is a Circus, BIGLY!

Engelbert Vincent says:

Barr looked like a criminal during his confirmation hearings. Body language was obvious

Brother Mine says:

Giuliani had a strong incentive to tell people that Trump knew about and approved everything Giuliani said and did, regardless of whether Trump actually knew what he was doing and saying, in order to manipulate people into cooperating. Giuliani is an unreliable source, and since Trump doesn't have a head for details, it's possible that Giuliani exceeded his authority when he took advantage of the aid freeze to extort Ukraine to deliver the Bidens investigation. So Parnas' conversations with Giuliani don't really confirm whether Trump knew about the extortion scheme. Pompeo, on the other hand, would be a key witness, to explain why Pompeo didn't order Volker & Sondland to stop participating in Giuliani's extortion scheme. The House should launch an impeachment investigation against Pompeo, and impeach Pompeo unless Trump personally ordered him to let Volker & Sondland continue extorting Ukraine.

Parslow Pongbert says:

It appears that Trump was involved in a scheme which was prepared to countenance the assassination of a United States ambassador. The ultimate beneficiary apart from Trump, was Putin who desires to conquer Ukraine. Everything ultimately works towards that end, including keeping the US as a puppet state via Trump and Barr. We also know that amongst others, Pence, Nunes and McCarthy have some level of involvement. Many republicans are known to have received money.

Leon thecat says:

Lev knows that if he doesn't get everything he knows out to the public he will be Epsteined.

Francis Fulloffrenchpeople says:

I remember that Trump denied knowing Stormy Daniels as well.

mary jones says:

the most important point, tying trumputin securely to the whole thing. ty dr maddow and mr parnas.

Vortex Scale says:

Lev Parnas took the right choice, it seems he watched Michael Cohen's testimony the outcome of following someone like Mr.Bone-spurs crazy corrupt ways

Marky E says:

The Humañ Smoking Gun. Bye bye Humpty Trumpty.

Sharon says:

Trump say's i never knew Lev. I take pictures with lot's of people. Trump is the biggest liar on the planet

I. M. says:

Lev's lawyer never blinks. Hasn't anyone asked for Lev's paystubs?

ruth depew says:

Almost everything in Trump World is centered on BASELESS conspiracy nonsense and ridiculous attempts to validate it. Such a waste of time…

qanon pub says:

shame on fake news for using someone like Lev Parnas who Is indicted on Federal campaign finance charges

sk8queen says:

Ummm, I hardly know the guy. You'll have to ask Rudy….

William McIntosh says:

This is all one interview. Seriously, why does it have to be 6 videos?

Alex P says:

Trump worked for the Italian mob in NY until Rudy and the Russias kicked them out as replacements. He has been money laundering for decades as well as committing heinous crimes with people like Epstein.

madhabitz says:

I believe the guy, lowlife that he is, because his narrative fits with the testimony and evidence of so many others.Still and all, it's so bizarre.

My one wish now is to live long enough to see conclusions and to watch a really long conga line of people in orange jumpsuits doing The Perpwalk.

AmorY Luz says:

Ok now y’all know the red hats will act like this is fine and normal. It is not. Literal text message proof of a hit job on our own American ambassador Marie yovonavich. If there was going to be a final nail in the coffin , this is it

John Brown says:

He is telling the truth. This is a secure man we are looking at… who else would wear a haircut like that.

Poly girl says:

I'm not suprised!!! Remember trump hires people to do his dirty job and he blames them for it….

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