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Jake Tapper: Lindsey Graham won't read these … it's his job.

Jake Tapper: Lindsey Graham won't read these … it's his job.
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CNN’s Jake Tapper examines the political evolution of Sen. Lindsey Graham as his messages surrounding impeachment and President Donald Trump change.



daniel gratton says:

You don't read you can't vote

Mateo says:

Isnt that how Trump got out of trouble the first time, Trump was so incompetent that couldnt convict him.

Kris Ross says:

Does anybody,I mean anybody, care that we had to borrow money from China for this aid??? Why is this aid so important? Because of Russia? They spend 69 billion on there military. Russia isn't a military threat!

William Lubak says:

Trump can’t read, Graham will not read. Seems like ignorance is required to be a Trumper. ”Ignorance is bliss” should replace ”Make America Great Again” as Trumps campaign slogan.

blue Corvette red says:

And Lindsey you said what about impeachment during Clinton's one big lie? So now just let the swamp creatures, rats and bugs run the office of the presidency

Colleen Kelly says:

Anyone else see this….At 0:44 see how Lindsey Graham looks DRUNK! Or worse?
Listen to how he slurs "President"! No eye contact EVER! In fact, look at those eyes!
(Mmm….what's up with those big pupils?)

arithsem . . . says:

Nobody reads anymore anyways

R McElhaney says:

Lindsey needs to read those messages. He has to decide whether he's more pro-military or pro-Trump. If he's more pro-military, he should have no trouble being reelected next year. But if he's more pro-Trump, he could be in danger of losing, depending on who the Democrats nominate there. If the Dems are smart, they'll nominate a conservative, 100% pro-Armed forces person to go up against Lindsey. There's military bases in South Carolina. There's also a military university, the Citadel, in South Carolina.

Denise Richardson says:

I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing, I read nothing: Graham.

Dennis Wooten says:

Graham knew that if he came on the show the pressure would be on

cdw442 says:

I hope Lindsay gets voted out… he is a traitor to America

Colleen Kelly says:

No problem – won't work. Dock his pay.
If his staff were patriots, they'd go on strike.

Emery Coppola Jr. says:

Why doesn't Suck Up Graham stick in pinkies in his ears, close his eyes, and babble to drone out any sound out… He's the absolute last "man" I'd want where guts and a spine are required..

D. James says:

What's the matter Grahammy??!! Don't have the guts to stand up to the big bad intelligent, fact presenting Jake Tapper??!!!! 'Fraid he might take a chunk out of your lying, hypocritical ass??!!! You are disgusting, you are ignorant, and you and your buddy Moscow Mitch are the shining examples of why the democracy destroying RePOOPican party will die a long overdue death. And take Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and all the other shitheads with you.

Brian Via says:

Stack of blank papers

I.M. Askance says:

Lindsey is as bad as they come. A disgrace to the United States Senate.

BLT4LIFE says:

"He's a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot." L Graham

Darren Nicholls says:

Graham is one of the slimiest assholes ever.

morten larsen says:

Hi has a bandaide… mabye its from his lobotomi ?

Infamous made IM says:

I wonder why the United States is run by these senile old man who as no self awareness!!

Fucking sellout old man!!

He is so ANNOYING!!!

JR N says:

They should be punished for their pathetic stunt and invasion of a secured room with phones lying and pretending that the process was not transparent but now he won't read it. Disgusting.

Sheik Yo Booty says:

GAY BOY LINDSEY GRAHAM 😛 champion ball licker

LegendaryWolf Shirou says:

Hypocrite Graham is his name😂😂

SkyP1e says:

Lindsay Graham would rather believe the world's biggest liar than his own eyes or even God's word.

Al T says:

What a spineless fuck graham sold his morals for a trump payout

kenneth kennedy says:

That’s why Republicans don’t believe in climate change. Cuz they won’t read the info that forces them to change their minds.

Elfin4 says:

Well he is clearly not fulfilling his oath of office. Should be ashamed of himself.

jesuisravi says:

Landgrebe 2020!

Diane Hooper says:

I have to wonder what kind of threats were directed to the asshats that they are willingly giving up their reputations and putting every American in danger for. They have Putin hanging over them or what ?

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