Jake Tapper: I thought this Trump letter was a joke … it's real

Jake Tapper: I thought this Trump letter was a joke … it's real
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CNN’s Jake Tapper reads a letter President Donald Trump sent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 9, 2019.

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jsean g says:

Stuttering ass, hahaha

CRK Productions says:

Wow this is a joke.

Roland Farmer says:

It reads like a letter that a teenager with low self esteem would send to an ex…..LOL….and the signature! Well, lets just say you will find many similar from residents inside a mental ward.

Yvonne McLay says:

Ad bad as this letter looks to me, I can still see how Republicans and Fox News will be able to spin this

Christina Gomez says:

Wait, that's not his signature it's forged! Wait for it, wait for it… can you hear the Trumpelievers. . .

Marcel B. says:

Why do you discuss about "what deal exactly…"? This is just ridiculous meaningless non-sense as he did throughout his WHOLE life. Every attempt to analyze that further is assuming there is actually some deeper meaning behind it. It is NOT! The closest – if any – is the attempt to protect his business interests…

Tito Pradado says:

WoW… I didn't know Jake the Snake can read…

Buzzman says:

I thought Tapper was a joke. At least I was right.

Alex Jonestown says:

“I will call you later” 🤦🏻‍♂️ how stupid can Trump be, never mind I know the answer. Its limitless

Michael Pondo says:

Trump is a sick joke. Jos mental state is teally bad.

John Carroll says:

The republicans should stop making excuses for Donald.

Dan Fraser says:

David Urban has some brass balls to humiliate himself in front of millions of viewers continuing to defend that gangster. Good grief……what a boob.

Alberto Venegas says:

Really! What a bunch of pathetic liars, the Cheeto just rented the military to Saudi Arabia, they don't care about the soldiers just money!

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