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Graham: Impeachment is invalid until we know whistleblower's identity

Graham: Impeachment is invalid until we know whistleblower's identity
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South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham says we need to know what the background is of the whistleblower.

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CrackOfDoom says:

I have a question. Can a member of congress by charged for lying to congress?

ron williams says:


tesla1077 says:

Republicans want to know who the whistleblower is so they can intimidate them.

Jessie Robbins says:

Shut down the impechment side show !

El dorado says:

Patriot's the dems will do anything to bring down Trump , they fear Ginsberg will drop dead and if Trump wins in 2020 he will have one or more picks to the supreme court, the dems fear this, Patriot's we have to do whatever it takes and l mean whatever it takes to demolish the dems, us Patriots are very fortunate to have Trump come along in are life time, remember is better to die for something then to die for nothing, the time is near so let's reunite and do the right thing…

ali grotts says:

BACKGROUND???? He's got to be as evil as Schiff!

RON says:

The Kabul is the whistleblower Eric is the teachers' pet saying I'll do it I'll do it!

JL Lore says:

….the purpose of a whistleblower law is to protect the person blowing the whistle on wrongdoing. Lindsay is doing what he does best – lying to stay in good graces with this president. The man who decreed that Donald Trump was a racist… a liar…. didn't represent Graham's party. Such a sycophantic phoney! Several Republicans rightly support the appropriate laws and the whistleblower's right to anonymity.

Cris Briones Fourzán says:

Graham, you know and Trump knows that they want to know who blew the whistle for other reasons than confront him.
You HAVE to know the law. If you were the whistle blower, would you like to be put in danger for doing his job?
Why do you blame Obama for everything? You liar! I feel sorry for your country. What a bunch of idiots all of you defending a criminal. You too are one!

Nort Sol says:

4 ore years Trump 20/20

Dan Opyd says:

Lindsey the Dutch Door Graham!

Khalee1 says:

Keeps moving the goal post doesn't he.

ana moran says:

THE PHANTOM OF THE UKRAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Jackson says:

Amazing. We have a crime, a confession, several reliable witness, and all these idiots can argue is…..yeah but who called the cops???

J R says:

It's been released by a few independent media groups. 'Eric Ciaramella'

kikilove says:

It’s important to read the transcript

Antonio DeJesus says:

Hey spineless Graham, the whistle blower's are Donny Dump and Giuliani.

johnathan smith says:

Maria… that's a woman with balls… I mean figuratively. She is strong, definitely not like Chris (CROSS) Wallace.

Foreign Boiz Nation says:

I agree to investigate Biden but exposing the whistle blower is against the law. It's so shocking the our political parties on both sides and the president are taking the law in their own hands. Both sides are now above the law. We are watching our democracy failing in front of our eyes. American people when will we get fed up of the double standards. Power to the people. We need to purge our democracy of these corrupt politician who has been whipping their tales with our tax money for far to long. We are working hard and struggling. Some people are catching petty criminal cases for the stupidest reasons and have to endure hardship of fines. Why our President get a slap on the hand over and over. He call his self a Christian but abuse charity for personal gain. Him along with many politician have use our hard earn money for their personal gain. They are not united and can't make a decision to benefit the people because they are to busy covering up for each other corruption and bribing each other and paying each other off. We are in trouble America. We can not count on the government we elected. Our democracy is defiled and is ready to burn the whole country in hell. They are all using the best interest for the American people to their own benefit. Using weak minded people and them in fear to do their bidding. They will use our values and views against us to put us against each other. We must not worry about making America great again we must worry about protecting the America we have now. The world is watching. I read the transcript and it's shady. The language and wording is shady. No outright this for that but it's clear a dialogue was already in place and many agreement was being exchange. The ethics of our government sucks. They display live disrespect for their peers outrageous display of bullying. Everyone so quick to jump on the bandwagon of false info and not one side Democrats or Republicans have the evidence in hand and I'm sick of these allegations from both sides. We the people want the evidence. Close you mouths stop crying like babies and bring the evidence. Period!

Thom Thumb says:

Spew all this “if” bull crap. Wonder how much u and all ur corrupt friends are making off this. I hope u all go to jail

Gregory Rollins says:

Freedom of press is a big thing in the U.S.. Is the freedom above other freedoms? Is that freedom the right to lie or tell half-truths. When the press do this they take freedom away. Because it leads to people taking there own freedoms away. My opinion, id shut down all news agencies, including fox just to be fair. When and only when truth becomes the ethical integrity learned could they come back on. We all have a brain stem and a neo cortex were agap'e is. I dont think it would take long. There's 300,000,000 of U.S. to go around.
Peace and agap'e.

Steven Mustain says:

The accuser has to be brought forward to file charges.

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