Donald Trump: 'The kidney has a very special place in the heart'

Donald Trump: 'The kidney has a very special place in the heart'
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Donald Trump has claimed that ‘the kidney has a very special place in the heart’ as he announced a government plan to tackle kidney disease. The president’s declaration is likely to raise eyebrows among those familiar with human anatomy
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Anatomical anomaly: Trump claims the kidney ‘has a special place in the heart’ ►

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Guardian News says:

Anatomical anomaly: Trump claims the kidney 'has a special place in the heart’ ►

Archisman Mozumder says:

I think he meant "the kidney is very dear to us." Didn't he?

Mike says:

Trump handing out his magic markers like candy was the embarrassing part

Walter Revenko says:

Also in my ear!

Emanuel says:

Donald trump is the best

ke says:

Nobody wants his effing pen ! @#%¥

Sylvia Luzania says:

What a buffoon

Jeep Strong says:

I hate listening to him talk… he's like a rambling 3 year old.

Elias Shaw says:

Americans have freedom to grow their organs whatever they want…

Dr Z says:

Heart is a Metaphor in this case! I Think most 10 year olds understand what is being said! But the Trump haters (and some  media)  jump straight in to ridicule his statement! Yet they too know exactly what is being said!

Timzart7 says:

Now watch, a month from now Trump will say he's not a big fan of the kidney.

MSN says:

Publish in Lancet, get a Noble in medicine.

Lizard King says:

trump does have a place in his heart for a kidney. It's a pee thing.

Homer Jay Simpson says:

That man thinks with his gut😂😂

Bearwoman11 says:

A glitch in the artificial intelligence

Dagooch23 says:

American voted for the Dumbest mofo of all time..I still have trouble with this..SMH

OLIVER Aguilar says:

So Donald… hahaha. But making fun of this? Is it ok to make fun of the way people use the English language? Is it ok when it's the president or when it's an Hispanic or Asian? Really?

ELFY UwU says:

Anyone else here after trump died??

Smüth Opheliac says:

Geez guardian is that the best you can do?

Lord Vader says:

Before you say anymore, just be aware a cow has 4 stomachs…. not humans.

Spring Bloom says:

Pathetic, Guardian, truly, astonishingly, cringeworthy. I guess you have to stand out from the pack, somehow, huh?


Costel Atanasiu says:

Did he have bone spurs or brain spurs?

andrewszombie says:

Another teleprompter fail I can only assume 🤔🤔😂

Costel Atanasiu says:

People around Trump were really happy to get a free pen. I thought conservatives don't like free stuff. It was hilarious to hear Trump whispering "I'll bring more".

Feeber Izer says:

Apparently, he's one of those people who only opens his mouth in order to change feet….

fightFIRE withICE says:

Trump 2020 can’t stop all this winning 💪🏻🤙

Home O'DFree says:

One thing is for sure, he lives rent free in many hater’s brain. May he live long and well in their brain 🤫

Loretta Gentle says:

He must have a very specific friend who requested this legislation…

Max Klein says:

I’m sure he definitely meant it’s literally in the heart, not the English phrase, “it holds a special place in my heart”. How is this news?

Marshy Stuff says:

I sense that he was simply going for a bit of prose and cheap humor. I mean, I know he's not popular, but if you're looking for a man who might actually believe this, I think you're looking for George W. Bush

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