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Donald Trump suggests delaying November US presidential election

Donald Trump suggests delaying November US presidential election
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President Donald Trump has suggested delaying the US presidential election scheduled for November. He has cast doubts on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots, which have been used in primary elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, experts said across the board, election fraud is incredibly low in the US, and suggested in-person voting is more susceptible to fraud.

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Luv Provida says:

Donnie thin skin desperate for votes now, jumping through fire lit hoops like the Russian mascot he is! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Pathetic, Benedict Donald is really just trying to delay his date with a jail cell! Lame

Matt Galloway says:

Every stable genius can see that mail-in voting is the best approach during the Trump Pandemic.
You have the Trump Pandemic and the Trump Recession. Next, illegaly postponing the election would make a 2020 Trump Trifecta; making history as the greatest failure in leadership of an American President — 'that the world has ever seen'.

Don Quixote III says:

TRUMP will be reelected. No doubt about that.
Leftwingers are a sorry lot. CNA will do better to quit echoing the leftwing media and go back to reporting real, not fake news.

Knarf says:

Trump needs to learn from Singapore

Bored Realist says:

He wants to delay it so he can continue ruling the country like a narcassist

Zandra Koon says:

This is radical left wing's cunny plot ! Sloppy COVID-19 pandemic containment in US, when infection rate goes up, shut down businesses & plunge the economy into dire situations, violent protests, lootings, attacks on law enforcers & arsons to encourage ANARCHY = Lawlessness = Lawless one !

Mail-in voting = Fraudulent voting to topple President Trump & his administration !

κΉ€νƒœμ§„ says:

Trump2020! Biden will cave to the Chinese! We have a big score to settle with the CCP!

Johnnyhs_ng Nng says:

Any sensible President would delay the election until Cobb-19
Is under control. Let alone
Donal Trump.

Alex says:

Sorry Spurs, you don't have the legislative power to delay the Presidential Election. It's all up to Congress, and they all want you out; including your Republican Senate. Mitch McConnell denied your request.

Richard Wilson says:


Sim Roysten says:

Common sense tells you mail-in voting is suspect and easier to cheat. The left wing democrats intend to cheat to win because they know they will loose the coming elections in Nov. Wrong, the President has the power in many different ways. Check with OAN (One America News Network) or Epoch Times, Newsmax for the correct news.

BearXBunny says:

So now he suddenly wants to take covid seriously??? And his taking it seriously just happens to coincide around election time??? Nope, nothing fishy with that – says every single trumptard!!! Someone's feeling a bit worried about his chances and if you deny that then you MUST BE a trumptard

dwight cole says:

Trump 2020 U.S.A. Believe It!

Owleyes says:


eksun lim says:

Mr President OF USA I Fully agreed your DREAMS to deDelay the ELECTION Date because the old ways catch no crooks and you are good because the other Supper Nations is China and Russia got extension and they why can't you and Please Sir we feel like little Lizards and lost our Tails and looking for another place for comfort and the old grand uncle advise scan and put your Q face and I love it and you take care and let us old friends a few more good years and You The Grand MASTER and you SIRE MADE IT HAPPENED

Little says:

It's time to admit we don't really elect presidents anymore. Somewhere inside you know it's true.

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