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Donald Trump Knows More Than Science

Donald Trump Knows More Than Science
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After watching Donald Trump tell California state officials that he knows more about the climate than scientists do, we wonder what else the President knows about science. #Colbert #LateShow #ColdOpens

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Debi says:

I guess the Zombie didn't realize that trump is sitting on his brains!.

David Matthew says:

When he said it will start getting cooler, does he mean Hell Freezing over..🤔 #askingforafriend

Ladrahz says:

trump thinks that the world would involve to his delusional world.

Anthony Liang says:

i'm wondering, how can a moron like dotard be a president?

Delight Loves Movies says:

My cat is way smarter than the fake president.

TheBioExplorer says:

Yeah… and when winter comes he'll point to some weather report and say: SEE ME WAS RIGHT! … And please don't bother explaining the difference between weather and climate to him. It won't work. Let's just hope it's snowing January 20th in D.C. and he and his cabal are just tossed out in a sbowbank.

Satya Richburg Ju says:

Trump is way pass “ getting cooler “ , he’s rigid “ICE “cold to the point his inflexibility has damage more than human habitat.

juan bancalero says:

Trump is able by himself to change the American dream into American nightmare. Could it be that the hairspray is damaging his brain?

Binit Kumar Sahu says:

These hit pieces won't stop the Trump train. Just wait until the Red Tide hits in November.

Chris St Clair says:

unbelievable his smirking dismissiveness needs to be slapped off his face

Chris Thompson says:

Yeah, Donny is definitely the Leader of the Hairy Unwashed.

Simgor2 says:

The sad thing is the Trumpanzees will believe this like they believe all the other crap that Trump says.

Steven Kaest says:

I'm amazed he remembers to breathe he's so stupid!

Main Event-ually says:

He was bragging about his grandfather being a scientist, so that prove he knows what he is saying in his own head😂

Raman TRZ says:

No brains here😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

trew news says:

He's the president he tells science what to do.

Jorge Johnson says:

“It’ll start getting cooler.”

Sure, after the fires burn out.

david white says:

Trump thought that The Movie ''WEIRD SCIENCE'' was a Documentary

Greg Bors says:

Well, they ripped that joke off from a Simpsons episode, but it still was an amusing minute

Chris P. Bacon says:

Anyone can see climate change is real. I can see it daily on the property that my family has owned for 100 years. I fear that it's already too late to act.

Henry Newcomer says:

Simpsons did it.

Louie Marinda Jr. says:

The guy who filed bankruptcy 4 times knows better than our Scientist? Hahahaha UNREAL! #VOTEBLUE #BLUEWAVE

The Twilight Zone says:

For Sale: Donald Trump's brain. Never been used. No refunds or exchanges.

Canis Africanis says:

How priviliged we are to learn from the most stable genius ever.

Space Force Commander, General ‘Spanky Bonespurs' : says:

One-third of Americans are immune from zombies, but unfortunately it’s the MAGA Cult. 😢

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