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Donald Trump Family Tree

Donald Trump Family Tree
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If you like charts like this one, check out my website for more:

Chart: Matt Baker
Script: Matt Baker & Jack Rackam
Narration: Jack Rackam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQzyr4MWn1b9W4TdpxxeKw
Editing: Jack Rackam
Intro animation: Syawish Rehman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0O2efB4K66UUaT7QJPVNA
Intro music: “Lord of the Land” by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license 4.0. Available from http://incompetech.com



UsefulCharts says:

Once again, it's hard to know what the thumbs down mean. Are they from people who hate Trump or people who love Trump and hate that we mentioned certain things about his father and grandfather? Btw, we've got a Democrat scheduled for next week. Guesses?

Emma Brewin says:

Next time do the Kirk Douglas family tree 🌳 🌲 and then the McCain family tree 🌳 🌲

mkb says:

3 children which have 3 children. They are spreading!

Stephen Phillips says:

Hmmm certain things being mentioned when they don't explain the family tree is annoying such as adding membership of a certain group before moving on to Trump…. Not a well balanced video at all, hardly anything was mentioned about ancestors, except where they did something illegal or immoral (wow, an ancestor who had a brothel). It's like you had to create this video and skipped through as much as possible, we enjoy listening to the history of these people. I do genealogical research and could easily look on Geni for Trump's ancestry but previous videos have given more details so this is a letdown. Seems to me it's political. Had to stop watching once you starting talking about policing, Covid-19 etc. Unsubscribing because it seems you're no different to the other propaganda channels that we're all trying to avoid.

Theo Bolt says:

It's quite clear now. Shifty family with shifty habits.

indianrunner70 says:

It's a pity there were no birth control products avialble +100 years ago.

Ginger Foreman says:

Please do his mother's side but not with this guy's voice. He can hardly hide his vitriol.

Teddy Houkamau says:

Would like to see Barack Obama history

Parisa Tabiatnejad says:

yooo you gotta do the Kennedys

cyclonicleo says:

Well, the family tree, especially on his father's side, pretty explains it all.

M. Waheduzzaman Khan says:

Prostitution is in their bloodline.

Lucia Mauli says:

Why elizabeth look weird?

Duck Religion says:

His father was a kkk member, that explains a lot

Khalid Rajabalee says:

You should do trudeau. It would be interesting to watch.

rich denk says:

Lot of really bad attempts at humor in these comments

Graham Rankin says:

Family tree of Bernie Sanders

Flapper F says:

Finally, the Germans conquered the USA.

ΛΪνΐηβάΙνιή321 says:

So trumps grandfather ALSO died from a 20s pandemic

ΛΪνΐηβάΙνιή321 says:

When u find out trump is related to ketchup

J Mulvey says:

"… except that the word 'integrity' is replaced with the word 'Trump'…"

mgannon453 says:

John Quincy Adams wife Louisa Catherine Johnson was born in London, so Melania is the second first lady born outside the usa

Jason Cowley says:

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

Gerson Monterrosa says:

Your liberal negative tone when explaining Trump's family tree tells me so much About how you feel about trump…

Jan James Callejo says:

Don III, wasn't the oldest his elder sister Kai is.

Dick Willy says:

This guy's a leftist. Lying to slander a President and his family is not without consequences when it is published. God bless and protect President Trump 💖

put sep says:

I would like to see the curent malaysia king and queen family tree. Please do that

P. Lo says:

Forgot to put down that he wants to be w his daughter. Wonder how those lines would look on this family tree 😂

Peter Bristol says:

Did Frederick Trump have bone spurs too? Lmao

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