Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Get into It on Twitter

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Get into It on Twitter
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Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Monday, January 13.

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Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Get into It on Twitter




ayahuasca ayahuasca says:

#itmeansyouregoingtolose ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Bernie2020

Sahara Kemipt says:

i guess it is obvious … meaning : Trump is Iranian….he was born there

Isaac O says:

"It's fun seeing two old guys going back and forth at each other." Jimmy shut the hell up you're not that young either. Bernie Sanders for President!!!! Jimmy is an establishment smear merchant asshole ignoramous.

Spin Kick Records says:

Trump Tweets he's going to bomb an entire country and commit war crimes. This is fine.
I tweet I'm going to get bombed on the weekend and my Twitter gets shut down and the FBI breaks down my door.

mypassword ispassword says:

The oscars are a white award show made by whites for whites. Why are people surprised when there is whites in it? You don't hear white people complaining about the BET awards or latin grammys.

Brian Greene says:

Watched 3 times now, still do not know when to laugh…

Brand Gadfly says:

How many times are Democrats going to allow this man to publicly humiliate them and dominate them over and over and over

MJ B says:

"men can't figure out how to light it" lol 😁

Linda Lefteast says:

Always trying to burry Bernie as an old man. Well this old man is going to win to your detriment. Yup get ready to pay more taxes.

KT Chong says:

I've noticed that Trump's tweet got 23.3K retweets and 131K likes… and Bernie's reply tweet got 128K retweets (FIVE TIMES more than Trump's) and 784K (SIX TIMES more).

malhotra roger says:

You mean “Conald Trump “

Luming Lü says:

He got elected because of you

blinne ní rois says:

For Gods sake just say Vagina! It’s a body part not a disease

nhaliii says:

wasnt this guy who banned iranian nationals from coming in to the US? now he ”stands” behind them?..hypocrite

Paige Rogers says:

Well done Jimmy. Well done.👏

Fortitudine Vincimus says:

Jimmy Fallon always sounds like he's losing his voice.

Kiana La says:

Oh my god does Jimmy not do his own research like all the other hosts?!? It’s E-run not Ay-ran 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ everyone knows this at this point

Daltira says:

Get politics out of the film industry. Its not a nice contest. Its a film contest. If black people or women weren’t voted for, it’s because they didn’t make a good enough film.

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